Jan 232013

We have quite a collection of toys here including a couple big handheld vibrators. While fun in their own right, they are plug-ins and a bit heavy making them not always the best for the grab and go orgasms. So we were pretty happy when CalExotics sent us this powerful little wonder. The Divine Harmony is a nice compact vibrator at just under 7”. The tip has a shape similar to other handhelds but at a tight 1.5” diameter. The photo here is about actual size if you are viewing this at 100%.

Calexotics Divine Harmony - almost actual size

This petite wonder arrived the day we had our new girlfriend come over for the first time. We’ve found that it often helps to show off our toy collection to new friends. It helps break the ice and quickly moves things into a more sexual atmosphere. We hadn’t been in our place for five minutes before I find both the girls holding drinks in one hand and taking turns holding this against each other CalExotics Divine boxwith their free hands.

There are three settings (unless you count OFF as a setting) of low / medium / high vibration all on the single push button on the top. For only using two AAA’s the Divine Harmony really buzzes. Surprisingly so, actually. All the soft parts are silicone for safe cleaning and the nubby top is even removable if you want to really clean just that part. The toy as a whole is not waterproof so no shower or tub play with this one. Of course you really would not want to do that with an AC plug in either. No, seriously, don’t.

The curve of the handle makes this feel really good to hold when using on someone else or to get leverage on oneself. SexFairy did try holding it against my balls but I had to squirm away, being more a giver than a taker. The Divine really is more of a toy for girls anyway. I get plenty.

The black on white decoration on the both sides of the toy make it look really pretty and upscale. Again, one I’m happy to leave out for new and special friends. The Divine Harmony makes a nice addition to our collection that I’m sure will get it’s more than fair share of use.

If you want to learn more there is a short informative video about the Divine by CalExotics on their site.

Thanks again CalExotics! -  xxx

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