Sep 282012

Platinum Edition Personal PleasurizerA box arrived recently. Inside that box was another box. The colorful inner box made a few claims, including that it contained "The Ultimate in Feminine Arousal!”  Damn, and all this time I thought that was my Whitman!

CalExotics sent me their Platinum Edition Personal Pleasurizer to play with. “Sorry Whitman,” I said,  "You can watch, or you can help, but this one is all for me!” (Don’t worry, he really didn’t mind.)

The Personal Pleasurizer Platinum is almost exactly like “The Original” Pleasurizer models, except it adds six more vibrating functions, for a total of nine levels of platinum pleasure. The fun end of this toy is made of TPR, or thermoplastic rubber, and is available in Blue, Purple, and Pink. TPR is a slightly porous material, so you should use condoms and clean well if you share this toy. It’s 7.5” long from base to end with just under 3” of insertable length. That’s okay because this is not meant to be a deep thrusting toy as much as a clitoral and g-spot stimulator.

Even though it’s a big nub, the g-spot end is very flexible. I kind of like the softer flexibility as I often find really stiff vibrators to be just too much at times. The vibrator itself is just below the tickler scoop portion, so the clitoral vibrations are pretty strong, but the g-spot vibrations dissipate somewhat as they travel up the shaft.

I put in two AAA batteries (not included), turned the self locking waterproof top, and gave the single button on the bottom a push. This first level is the lowest  and it’s pretty damn enthusiastic. Two more pushes and it almost jumped out of my hand. I think it wanted to be on my pussy as much as I wanted it there! The next six levels went through a variety of on / on / off / on patterns. These are seriously strong vibrations, especially for such a otherwise small and inexpensive toy.

You can use either silicone or water based lubes with TPS, and I usually go with silicone when I can, but it’s nice having the choice. After playing with this in my hands for a couple minutes while Whitman eagerly watched, I was pretty wet already. I started, gently at first, to play with the Pleasurizer against my skin. As I put it inside me I knew this would not take very long. As soon as the ticklers on the scoop touched my clit I felt an orgasm coming. This quickly took me to the edge and over, helped along by Whitman teasing my nipples while I came. I lost track of how many times I came. Whitman said 5 or 6, but by then, who the fuck is counting anymore!

What happened next, you can pretty much guess. After Whitman fucked me hard for  a nice long time, he picked up the Pleasurizer and gave me one more round on the toy. And after everything else, I think it took about 10 seconds. But I was NOT watching the clock.

Thanks again CalExotics. The fun just keeps on buzzing!

Aug 202012

clip3So, suddenly everyone Whitman touches squirts like crazy. Except me. First there was Ivy, then our new friend Kitten. He made her squirt twice in a row within minutes, and she said that’s never happened. (She knew she could squirt, just not multiple times.) I was really proud of him, because, well…WOW.
Around the same time, a third friend told me she’d squirted for the first time that week. REALLY?? WHAT THE HELL??

After the second girl, I started to feel a little pouty, like I’m missing out on something. It’s also starting to sound like a bit of a challenge. Certainly I can squirt just as well as everyone else!! Right?? I can do everything!! Can’t I?! I’m the princess, I want one!!

I’m obsessing about it now. I want him to do this to me. I want to do it for him.

We tried this “project” a couple of years ago, and I came to the conclusion that I’m physically not a squirter. Everything I’ve read lately, though, says that everyone is physically capable of doing it. And apparently, Whitman’s the  PussyMaster. Did he not try hard enough on me? Did we give up too soon? I don’t think we cared at the time, but I want to try again.

We put “make SexFairy squirt” on our to-do list for the weekend, along with “install dimmer switch” and things like that. We didn’t quite get to it, even though we did have a sexy debauched weekend (more on that later).

I may suck at squirting, but like I’ve always said, some of us are better at sucking than others!

Mar 292012

I mentioned last week that we finally had sex again! I’d like to elaborate on that a little bit.

I had been really wanting sex for at least two weeks. About a week after my labia reduction, even though I was still tender and swollen, I was really horny! I was also really, really nervous about fucking. I was afraid it would hurt, I was afraid Whitman would get grossed out by some post-op weirdness, I was afraid it wouldn’t be the same. Of course it wouldn’t be the same. My vagina is the same inside, but obviously my vulva is totally different now. I wondered how much those dangly lips had been in the way (or in the mix) for better or worse. In any case, we ended up waiting about three weeks.

Whitman and I were up to the usual, sipping cocktails, lounging in the bedroom, just chatting about nothing and everything. Of course the subject of sex and the stitches came up. “Let me see your stitches, baby,” Whitman said. I slid my panties off, spread my legs slightly and let him take a look, and of course, there were two or three (or five) lingering stitches. Two or three (or five) lingering, annoying, hateful stitches in between me and my man. As you may recall, I was trying to hold out until they were completely gone.

I told Whitman that I’d just read that it could be months, not weeks, for the last few to dissolve. At that point, Whitman said, ‘Do you want me to just fuck you anyway?’ Smiling, I said “yes,” rather shyly. “Okay then.” He put down his drink, grabbed the massage oil, and told me to lie back.

He removed my shirt (I was wearing his shirt, actually), and started sucking my nipples. It was electrifying. Truly. I felt like I was humming with electricity. He poured a little oil on his free hand while still massaging and nibbling at my breasts. As he rubbed the oil over my breasts, down my belly and all over my pussy, I thought I would have an orgasm right then. Whitman was gentle and very careful as he rose up, climbed between my legs and slowly slid his cock into me.

hard-orgamsI gasped, not from pain, but from the shock of being entered again after so many weeks. As Whitman slid the rest of the way in, I was amazed by the feeling of being so full, and overwhelmed by emotion. I whimpered. I wanted to cry. I didn’t cry. I DID cum. Almost instantly.
I rarely orgasm from intercourse, so it was even more overwhelming when I did this time. I ended up having two more orgasms in rapid succession. No pain, just an extraordinary feeling of being full and close to Whitman and wonderfully, orgasmically in love. Again, the urge to cry joyful tears nearly took over, but I held back…mostly because I didn’t want to scare Whitman or freak him out.

It actually did hurt when Whitman lifted my legs to his shoulders – my tender new skin was SO not ready to be stretched that way yet. He turned me around and fucked me from behind, doggy style. There was no pain at all, and he was able to fuck me very hard. I felt like he was extra-deep inside of me. It may just have been in my mind, but I felt like the barrier of my lips was gone, and we were physically closer, even if just by millimeters. There was no pushing and pulling of my pussy with each stroke. We were fucking and it was just me, open for Whitman…and Whitman balls-deep inside of me.

Bonus: post sex – there were no stitches left!

Jun 292011

I had an amazing orgasm the other day. It was amazing not because of how long or strong it was, but because of how it came about: I was giving a blowjob. I wasn’t touching myself. (Nor was I humping the bed!)  This was just supposed to be a warm-up teasing blowjob before a little ‘vanilla-ish’ sex…just a little foreplay.

I took off my clothes and  scooched across the bed on my belly to where Whitman was standing naked.  His cock was at perfect mouth level, and half-hard while he waited (what I like to call a “corky” instead of a ‘woody’). I slid his gorgeous cock in my mouth, and as he moaned, he grew harder. I felt myself get instantly wet.  I brought my hands up to the base of his cock while my elbows stayed on the bed, and I must have looked very much like I had my chin in my hands.
Except for the penis in my mouth.

not meWhitman began to slowly slide his cock in and out, fucking my face, but slowly, gently, methodically. I never took my mouth off of him, sliding up and down in rhythm with his thrusts. Wet and extra-slippery saliva pooled in my hands, then began to run down my arms. I felt it dripping, and felt my cunt began to throb.  I squeezed my legs a little, pressing myself into the mattress slightly.

I kept sucking, swirling my tongue around the head slightly, but mostly just enjoying the  cock in my face. Whitman picked up the pace a little, then grabbed my hair in each hand, fucking, fucking, fucking… I was SO TURNED on by the way he just fucked my face. In my mind, I became just a fuckhole and a hot, wet, place for him to get his rocks off.

As I had that “fuckhole” thought, Whitman reached down and moved my right hand from his cock to cup his balls. I cupped, I pressed a little on his perineum, I drooled. The puddle under my arms was growing, and my arms were shiny-slick with spit. There was a big wet spot on the bed below my face. Whitman’s cock was soooo fucking hard. He held my hair, he fucked my face, (still steadily and hard, but not roughly), and I had the most AMAZING ORGASM.

I was shocked to feel it coming and even more shocked to feel it happen. (As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a creature of my own masturbating habits, and more often than not, all body parts need to be arranged just so for me to get off.)  Somehow the self-objectification, combined with the steady sucking / face fucking, the spit everywhere, and the pressure of the bed under my clit led to the perfect storm-gasm. This was not quite “thinking off” but close!

Jun 132011

Whitman and I were seated outdoors at a darling little Greek café late on a warm summer evening. I could barely walk after the sex we’d just finished up. After an hour or more of hot, hot, HOT play, (including Hitachi punishment) he finally filled me with hot cum and called it a night. We’d barely cleaned up, thrown on our clothes, and rushed out the door to make it to the restaurant before closing time.

As we enjoyed our wine, I was purring about how good Whitman’s big.fat.cock. had felt inside of me, and I was still throbbing and dripping, and so on and so forth as I rubbed hisnot our waiter leg under the table.

As I continued basking in the dreamy afterglow, our dinner arrived…

and WHOA, it was way. too. much. food! I’d ordered a big crazy appetizer platter as my dinner, and it was at least enough for three people. Whitman cracked a joke to the waiter about trying to fatten me up. The waiter never missed a beat and said,

“You’re ABOUT TO GET a fat one!”

I’m assuming he meant if I ate all of that food (never in a million years, by the way). “HAH!” I thought. “I JUST HAD about all of the fat one I can handle!”

May 222011

SexFairy came out of the bathroom, freshly showered and clean for my pleasure wearing lingerie given to her from a former lover. She asked if that was okay, wearing for me what Hitachi vibrator VT250_1another had given her. I told her that was even better. I was going to enjoy fucking her in “his” gift.

Being the thoughtful lover, I then gave her a choice. While I licked her neck, I told SexFairy I could either make love to her with caring and passion, or treat her however I wanted. As she hesitated, I chose the latter.

I lay her back on the bed, spread her legs, and started licking her thighs. Her breaths became rapid and shallow as I began to tease the outside of her lips with my tongue. Soon my tongue was gliding from her ass through her lips to her clit, and back. A few moments later and she had become incredibly wet, so I teased her gspot with my well lubed fingers. Softer at first, growing in intensity until the squishing of her juices from the thrusting of my hand was quite audible. By now she had cum quite a few times.

Reaching over, I picked up the Hitachi. Her head shook back and forth saying no, but by then I was well in motion and was not to be stopped. I turned around and sat on her chest so she couldn’t move. Turning the Hitachi on, I held it against her clitoris as my other hand reached deep inside her pussy. Her orgasms kept cumming over and over and despite her moans of protest, I didn’t stop. I kept the Hitachi hard against her clit, rubbing it’s large head back and forth. The intensity was incredible. I knew she wanted me to stop, but I didn’t. Leaning back I said, “this is for being a naughty girl” and let it run till her muscles began to run out of the ability to even protest.

We spent the next 30 minutes changing positions on a small arm chair, ending with some very vigorous and deep doggy style. As we both collapsed, I felt her sobbing in my arms. A sobbing she describes as emotional overload. It’s so beautiful.

One NaughtyPoint deduction for forced Hitachi orgasms.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeWe picked up our Hitachi from EdenFantasys, our favorite place to also get lots of much needed lubricant for your own hard Hitachi playtime.

Apr 062011

OrgasmatronRemember in the Woody Allen movie Sleeper, the sex machine called the “Orgasmatron”? Even as a young man I thought that was the greatest futuristic invention in the movie. Even better than dessert foods as healthy.

And women have had vibrators for years. Us men have mostly had to resort to doing most of the work ourselves, when it came to masturbation. Take hand, grip penis, move up and down till orgasm. Clean up.

I have often thought about a machine, that would slide up and down automatically on a hard cock (preferably mine) and simulate a pussy, or mouth, doing the “work”.

Lately I’ve seen the Cobra.

Cobra libre

The description on EdenFantasys by a reviewer named Gary is, “This is one amazing masturbation toy that definitely changes the whole game when it comes to this kind of device. If you are looking for something new that you can really just sit back and enjoy the ride with, this is it. On the lower setting you could probably extend your sessions as long as you wanted them to be. On the high settings, the sensations are unlike anything out there for men!:”Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

EdenFantasys has 608 people (men I assume) rating it as 4 out of 5 stars. It must work, at least  MOSTLY!!! Maybe I can win one in the EdenCafe Contest?

Still, there is something odd about putting my cock into something that looks like a Tron race car. I always fear it’ll be like a Chinese Finger Trap and clamp down on my cock and not let go. Shudder. Shudder. Cum. Mmmmmmmm

Mar 302011

We both saw the box, sitting there, just waiting to see who would get to it first. We get a fair amount of boxes but the timing of the arrival of this box was just about right. Finally we got into Easy Breezy Kitthe bedroom, and opened the box.

Once again our sexy friends at Good Vibrations have surprised us with a little kit that is definitely, a good vibration, and then some. At first SexFairy and I thought, “oh GOD not another vibrator”. But the balance of the kit looked appealing so we went for it. This is their Easy Breezy Kit, which consists of the Easy Glider Vibrator, a  Rub Me Massage Bar, Please Cream Lubricant, an Ignite Me Massage Candle, and of course, 2 AA Batteries! [Every active sex toy  couple needs more batteries.]

I went to put the batteries into the vibrator while SF started exploring the other items. We were both intrigued by the Rub Me Massage Bar. It’s a little over 2 inches round across, feels kind of greasy to the touch, and has a nice very light nonspecific fragrance.  I started rubbing it on SF’s upper chest, and started removing her top for better access. Soon I had it all over her body. It made her skin slightly shimmery but didn’t feel greasy at all. More like a thin coat of massage oil, only in a bar shape so WAY less messy. She was moaning away as I played with all her parts.

The candle had been burning for a few minutes now and as a good DOM I held her pussy in my one hand as I dripped the wax onto her breasts. This is soy wax, so it’s not super hot like a Kitregular candle, and it doesn’t stick either. In fact after letting it drip on her I could spread it around her chest and the soy was absorbed into her skin. There was no sticky wax stuck to her as we are accustomed to. Perfect temperature, rubs in, no mess, and super sexy smelling. We definitely want more of these!  [Be aware that the soy wax stays liquid for much longer than regular candle paraffin. Something we found out when SF went to pick up the candle a while after we had blew it out, and the soy wax dripped onto the keyboard.]

Having properly gotten her ready, I put took the Please Cream Lubricant and put some on her now wet pussy, properly rubbed it around, and then dripped it all over the Easy Glider Vibrator. The Lubricant is fine. It does what is says. The smell is not what you’d called sexy, a more generic cream smell in white. I didn’t think it would work as a lubricant (much like regular skin cream) but it certainly served the purpose as I started rubbing the vibrator against her pussy. EASY GLIDER

Sex Fairy’s head started leaning back in ecstasy as I rubbed it up and down, from her clit to her ass. The really nice aspect of this vibrator is the curves. As I rubbed it between her legs, the curves or bumps played against her parts. Inserting it into her pussy allowed me to use the curves to provide extra stimulation against her pelvic bone and gspot. The vibrations go from nice, slow and thumpy to a bit wild, though never extreme. It wasn’t long before she came, and came hard.

Next, she started on me. But we’ll leave that for another post.

Mar 082011

This is about prostate massage. Specifically having my prostate massaged by SexFairy and how it is the most incredible feeling fucking ever.
[If you want to learn more, techniques, ect., just look it up. There are 1.6M references on google.]

I have always enjoyed a little playing around on my backdoor. That and I’ve seen a few porn videos demonstrating prostate massage. I shared some with SexFairy and, being the fairy she is, agreed that this was something we should try.

We tried once, it was okay, I guess. Kind of forgot about it.

A few months later, she’s in the mood to try again, and I of course am never in the mood to say no. Fortunately we had recently received a nice addition to our toy collection. If you are into anal play, but not into getting shit all over your hand, dick, face etc., then this is nice to have.

imageClick on the picture for more info.

This time, I’m on my back and SexFairy is between my knees, and has me all oiled up. She takes her time, enjoying some nice deep throating on my cock while stroking my ass. Her finger goes in, slowly at first. Then deeper, and deeper. She feels around. And then OH MY FUCKING GOD she’s pushing against my prostate.

I think I must be cumming. I would swear I had just put a quart of cum all over myself. I feel down. Nothing.

She does this for about 20 minutes, and the whole time I feel like I’m cumming. Not like in waves but constantly, just cumming and cumming.

Not us, but the right idea.

When I finally do cum, it’s even better as she’s still on my prostate.

I felt like I had discovered a new kind of sex. It wasn’t like any sexual feeling I had ever had before and certainly not for that duration. Imagine (guys) you are cumming and can feel the cum riding up your cock. That’s what it felt like, the whole damn time.

We are continuing to get better at this. Trying different positions and the like. I’ll post an update in the future on what really works and what, not so much. Till then. OMFG Smile

Mar 022011

imageI guess I had a dream, though I can’t recall it. It must have been the night prior, which I spent alone. By the time I got to my “Fairy” the next day, I wanted nothing more than to bury my face into her pussy. It was more a subconscious need, like a drug addiction I couldn’t shake, a high I absolutely just HAD to have.

We got into bed and I went to town. I think I was down there, licking, teasing, sucking, nibbling, biting, all with a smattering of hand stimulation, for about an hour. She eventually had to force me to stop following 6 or 7 orgasms. It just kept going.

I look forward to my next dive into compulsive cunnilingus.