Jun 292012

Last night, Whitman strapped me to the bed, face-down and spread-eagle. He lubed my ass, then fucked my ass, and after it was all over, he made me sleep in fuzzy pink handcuffs. All I can say is thank goodness they are fuzzy. (This is actually a great use for fuzzy handcuffs. Comfort while sleeping.)fuzzy pink handcuffs

In all seriousness: Here’s what’s interesting about this. I liked it. I mean, we all know I like to be tied down, and we know I like having my ass fucked, even when it’s difficult for me. I love the ‘thoroughly used’ feeling I have after a good ass fucking, even when “thoroughly used” feels like “thoroughly sore.” But this? I liked the bedtime cuffs. Who knew?
I can’t remember sleeping while restrained before. (Have I, Daddy? Am I forgetting something?)

I’ve read stories of subs being restrained while sleeping, or tied to the bed at night, and I liked those, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. I’ve always thought I would feel so content and safe sleeping that way. I was right. I was threatened with dire consequences for removing them without asking. I didn’t ask. I slept. Whitman woke in the middle night and reached over to check the cuffs. When he found them still on, he released me. I was a little disappointed, but it did make going to pee easier.

Jun 282012

I haven’t written lately about my labia. I know after the surgery I was full of information and photos. It’s not that I don’t think about my pussy anymore, I do. Just not in the way I used to. Occasionally, I look down and peer between my legs while I’m peeing and just smile at the little cute pink pussy. What a change!

I always admire myself when I get out of the shower…and when I shave. The difference in how I feel about the way I look is amazing. To all of the surgery-doubters, love-it-anyway naysayers, and “don’t mutilate yourself” crowd out there: You were wrong. So. Very. Wrong.

Jun 222012

School Girl upside downAhhhhh, summertime, when thoughts turn to schoolgirl costumes! It boggles the mind to consider the varieties of schoolgirl outfits available these days. I’m not even talking about do-it-yourself outfits (like mine). You know, just grab a plaid skirt and a white shirt and some cute stockings and shoes. Throw on a push-up bra, some ruffled panties, and tie up a ponytail and voila! Instant school girl! I wore that last weekend for the first time in a while. I think Whitman was glad to see the outfit make an appearance again, and I know I enjoyed wearing it! No wonder this is such a classic fantasy outfit. It looks sexy and it feels damn sexy!!

Sexy School girl with rulerI’m talking about the actual role-play costumes available for purchase out there.  They’re proliferating like sex toys!! There are demure schoolgirls with jackets and layers of undies, bikini-top schoolgirls, crotchless schoolgirls, red, white, and blue schoolgirls.

The names are the funniest thing. Of course there are ‘classic school girl’ and ‘naughty school girl’ but there are also very creative school girls. Don’t miss ‘Sister Fellatio’s School for Girls,’ Deviant School Girl’, and my favorite, the ‘Summer School Drop Out’ (that’s my favorite name of a costume, not necessarily my favorite costume).
In any case, I believe I’ll wear my plaid skirt, knee socks, and high-heeled mary janes this weekend for Whitman. Because as he just reminded me as I made a slightly naughty comment, I “have so much to learn.”

Jun 212012

breast,erotic,hair,oiled,photoI was outside, naked, on my back, on an inflatable raft. It was the afternoon, the hottest part of the day.

She was also naked, lying on her back on top of me. We were both glistening, covered with oil in the sunlight.

My cock was raging hard inside her, as she slid her body up and down on mine.

With my eyes open, almost blinded by the glare of the cloudless sky, I watched her silhouetted  breast heaving just above me, as I came deep inside her burning body.

Jun 132012

Did you read about the couple who got busted in the middle of a blow job at a Cirque du Soleil show in California? I read this and get a little nostalgic for that “OMG, Whitman, I just can’t go another minute without your cock in my mouth!” feeling. Ahhh, new love. Explosive lust. Oh, wait…I still have that feeling quite often, so it’s not really nostalgia, I just miss Whitman. And his cock.  He’s out of town,  and I DO wish he  would get home so we can discuss this public blow job scandal further. (Neither of us leans too much towards public sex, so I don’t see us recreating this scene any time soon.)


Reading this story does lead me to a couple of thoughts:

  • Why on Earth would someone pay SO MUCH MONEY to see a show, then not watch it? Cirque du Soleil could easily be $120 each! (although I’m guessing this crew was in the cheap seats)
  • These people are US Border Patrol Agents. Who do they think they are? The Secret Service??!

self blow job

Jun 072012

Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Triple Suckers I’ll have to admit that as much as I’ve learned to love sex toys, I’ve always been afraid of things that look like this:

There’s just something about the hoses and bulbs and cups that scares me. Maybe it’s the medical or industrial look. Maybe I’m just afraid of looking wacky, like a victim in a sexy sci-fi movie. When Erotic Toy Town said they were sending the Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Triple Suckers along, it was no different. I was excited, yet terrified at some level. I’m sure Whitman found the look of slight panic on my face rather amusing.

It turns out that I was afraid for no good reason. This kit comes with two round nipple suction cups and one thin oval suction cup for the clit, each with its own vibrating bullet. These are attached to a rubber squeezable bulb that when squeezed produces pretty strong suction. It has a little quick release button on the side, but Whitman more enjoyed pulling it hard until it popped off. You can see the skin being pulled all the way into the bulb.

The continuous suction provided by the nipple suction cups feels amazing. This toy creates a steady, hard pull that’s almost impossible to create with a mouth. The little bullets add vibration for extra stimulation, but honestly, I love the sucking without the vibration. This is a great toy for beginners, or people like me who might not be sure about pumps and such. It’s easy to use, and the purple color is really pretty and thereby non-threatening. Just place the cups on the appropriate body parts (nipples and clit), then start pumping the bulb until it feels good (or hurts, as is your preference). Release as needed. This toy can also be used in the tub, and would be easy to use alone, not just with a partner, although having four hands helps.

Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Triple Suckers The first time we used this, the clit sucker wouldn’t quite stay attached. I’m not sure if it’s because of my anatomy or what was happening, but we couldn’t get a good seal, and ended up suctioning that cup to my belly. (All three cups have to be attached to something to create suction.)

Our second try proved to work a little better. Whitman used more lube, massaging my clit to get it nice and engorged, and was then able to suck my clit hood up all the way up into the cup. I felt the full effect of the nipple suction and the clit suction at the same time. My clit is a very sensitive, so that was bordering on too much, but it did keep my attention focused there. The nipple suction felt incredible, and left my nipples standing tall when we removed the cups. He played with it a little and then fucked me while it sucked away. It was quite fun having so much attention all over my body.

The Fetish Fantasy Vibrating Triple Suckers  also comes with a toy cleaner, two sample lubes, and a blindfold. It is really nice to see a company go the extra mile by including these additional and oh-so-sexy items.  Thanks again to Erotic Toy Town for giving us this fun toy to try!

FYI – it doesn’t work on Whitman’s man hairy nipples, and he didn’t offer to shave his chest, so this review is most definitely one-sided.