Sep 302011

I’ve missed this blog. I’ve wanted to write…no, really. I have. It’s just a case of so much REAL SHIT happening. I mean REAL LIFE stuff. Most of it has been good, but it’s all been very time consuming. We’ve been very busy (and naughty) all summer long. So busy that we’ve had no time to write.


Fucking, drinking, testing new sex toys, traveling, looking sexy, being funny…MYGOD it’s SO.MUCH.WORK.

Sep 292011

I’m back. With a mohawk…or maybe it’s a pussyhawk. I’ve written before about my pubic hair style switcheroos.  I’ve been rocking the landing strip for a while, now, and I like it. Retro!!

I noticed the other day it’s getting a little LONG. I thought of trimming it up, then realized that it makes a pretty neat little ‘hawk. I’m going to see how tall I can really get it to stand up.

Stand by for updates…