Apr 222012

It always starts so innocently. This time it’s just a little question from Whitman.

“Aren’t you going to change?”

The next thing I know it’s two hours later.

half naked and ready to danceI’ve danced like a stripper in my short short skirt, knee-high socks, and six-inch heels, boobs and ass hanging out everywhere.  I feel like it’s the first time he’s seen me naked, although it’s the zillionth. Whitman has watched from the couch, slack-jawed like a horny guy at a strip club waiting for a 20-year-old dancer to show him a whole new world. There are twenty dollar bills everywhere. I grind on his lap: clothed, half-clothed, then naked. We fuck. On the sofa and then the bed.

Whitman’s nearly knocked the mattress off of the bed with his power thrusts. Everything is knocked off of the night stand, there’s a glass plug in my ass, and his thick cock in my pussy. We’re both slick with lube because in our hurried desire for more more more (more sex, more lube, more of everything) we had some silicone over-spill. It doesn’t matter;
it feels so. damn. good.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he growls. My head is hanging back off the side of the bed, and his cock is in my throat. He pulls it out and begins stroking over my face and breasts, while my tongue bathes his balls from below. I reach my mouth up to lick and suck – balls, taint, asshole. I rub my clit until I’m moaning into his ass; moaning and whining for more as he steps back a little  to ejaculate on me. There is cum everywhere – my mouth, my tits, my face. I’ve never been covered in this much cum, I swear.

I love this man so much it brings tears to my eyes. The passion is overwhelming, the lust, the afterglow, the love, the contentment. The pride.  “You make me feel like a porn star fucking a porn star.” His declaration makes me smile. I love nothing more than when Whitman feels like a God – a powerful fucking sex God. Because he is.

Apr 192012

Of all the penis-shaped toys we have, this one is the most special. Our friends over at Erotic Toy Town thought we might enjoy making a clone of my cock. And did we ever. So a couple weeks ago we received the Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Kit. This is a tube that contains everything you need to first make a mold of your penis, and then fill that mold to make a clone of your penis.

We were admittedly a bit concerned about getting it right and had some fear that even a slight mistake my result in a failed effort. So, we read the instructions, over and over. We searched the internet for other people’s attempts and suggestions. We talked about the steps and how we would do them, kind of practicing in our heads.

On the day of, we laid it all out, and got all set. A bit of stroking and my cock was nice and hard. SexFairy sucked on my cock while I mixed the mold material and poured it into the tube. There was a minor mental challenge doing something rather clinical and scientific feeling while at the same time being all turned on and hard. But if you’ve ever had SexFairy suck on your cock (and a few of you have) then you’ll know it’s pretty fucking hot.

In the end we decided not to use the included vibrator. While an interesting add on, we felt that one, SexFairy doesn’t need the vibration to enjoy it, two, we have plenty of other vibrating toys, and three, without the vibrator, the cock will stand upright on its own.

Click on the first image in the slide show for a walk through, with more text descriptions, of our experience with Clone-A-Willy.



  • read all the instructions carefully and get everything ready before you start
  • have her suck your cock while you mix the mold and pour it into the tube
  • move quickly, not stopping – mix – pour – insert dick
  • trust it’s working, and let it solidify around your cock
  • remove cock from mold slowly, you may want to wait ’til you soften up a bit
  • wait two hours before pouring in the Willy liquid
  • be patient before you remove the Willy– 24 hours it says
  • enjoy the fuck out of knowing your cock is preserved for eternity

Oh, and be sure to get yours from Erotic Toy Town. One of our favorite sex toy shops.

Apr 072012

imagesmall tits topless cam girlSexFairy and I are drinking (gin and tonic for her and bourbon for me) and watching MyFreeCams together. Girls & women, naked and dressed, English speakers and not so English speakers. We are seeing who is cute, who is funny, who is sad, who has nice tits, who has weird implants, and on, and on.

We see this one girl with very small tits, who makes a joke about her “very large tits” which you can see, aren’t. But to both of us, her small breasts are very sexy.

I say to SexFairy “I’d do her” to which SexFairy responds, “it’s not like she’s in a special club”. Because, as SexFairy observes, I Whitman, would “fuck a lot of women”. Which is true, but only if SexFairy is with me.

Volunteers? (Women for me please…Men apply separately to SexFairy directly)

Apr 062012

I’ve said before, women have it made when it comes to sex toys. The variety of vibrators, dildos, bullets goes on and on and on. I took a look at the California Exotics web site, and did a quick very scientific study of the sex toys available. They have 1,406 toys for women. Men? Only 719. Of which, 250 are rings which are really more for her pleasure, or to help keep your cock hard, again, for her. Hence, in my quasi roundabout sexual math statistical analysis, women have a 3 to 1 SEX-TOY-ADVANTAGE.

So, imagine how happy I was to get a surprise toy in the mail from CalExotics, that was just for Travel Gripper BJ & ASS Masturbatorme! The Travel Gripper B.J. & Ass Stroker. SexFairy and I opened this together and upon touching it I started to get hard. Seriously. This is 5.5 inches of very soft, almost realistic feeling PureSkin, a blend of PVC and silicone. If I had a full sex doll made out of this, well, I’d, well, you know. I would, too. It smelled a little funny out of the package, but a little washing helped a bit.

SexFairy was admittedly jealous that she didn’t have her own cock to put inside this. It felt that good. This particular one has one end that vaguely resembles a mouth, and the other that vaguely resembles an asshole. But in practice, there is no difference between the two ends [real imagewomen would argue otherwise].

That night SexFairy and I had a nice fuck (sans toys) of which in part was motivated by how turned on we both got seeing and touching the Gripper.

The next day, I pulled up some sexy naked women on the computer, lubed up my cock, dripped some into the gripper, and went to work. [Reviewing sex toys is such HARD work.] The first moment was a bit off. The Gripper is heavy on both ends and fairly flexible. As I was stroking it, holding my hand around the middle, the top would somewhat flap as I pulled it up high. Eventually I changed my hand position so that my index finger went inside the top hole. This was now perfect. My hand kept the top from flapping AND on each down stroke the tip of my finger pushed against the top of my cock. I enjoyed about a full hour of masturbation with this Travel Gripper BJ & ASS Masturbatortoy, and came seriously hard.

Looking at it afterward, I realized I had started to tear the hole a bit. I’m not sure if this will get worse, or stay about where it is pictured here. Given how other similar toys take my cock, I imagine it won’t get much worse and will be a favorite for a long time to cum, come, cum.

As to “travel”? Well it is certainly small enough that it would fit in a bag without displacing anything important, like underwear. That being said I won’t be putting into my carry on luggage. Just not something I want to discuss with TSA in front of a crowd. Now for my next driving trip….hell yes, this will be cumming along, as will I.

There are a couple varieties of this product, but it’s just color (pink or light purple) and different ends, which as I mentioned doesn’t really matter.

Thanks to California Exotics, who provided us this toy at no cost  in exchange for an honest review.