May 302012

ProTouch PlugFor those of you who follow us, you know we have a fondness for tools that do for us, what we can’t do for ourselves, or each other. While I can reach SexFairy’s gspot with finger, cock, and even tongue, her fingers don’t always quite reach my prostate. So we were pretty excited to be asked to try out the Protouch Plug from Babeland.

The Protouch is a silicone vibrating plug from Tantus. As you can see, it’s about 5” long and can hit either her G-spot or his prostate. Included is a Sterling Vibe that inserts into the base. As little bullets go, this one works really well. The Protouch is only mildly tapered around the base so don’t’ count on it staying in your ass while doing jumping jacks. What? That’s only me?

We found the Protouch to be pretty fun. SexFairy put it in her strap-on harness and enjoyed some nice pegging time on me. At least until it turned in harness and then was upside down. Also ProTouch PlugSexFairy tends to get pretty vigorous and managed to pop it out of her harness. We definitely need to get some o-rings to adjust for these smaller toys.

SexFairy changed to just using the Protouch with her hand and that worked better. Being silicone it did get kind of slippery to hold onto (maybe we need  bike handle on the thing). The vibration felt ProTouch Pluggood, and not too strong. However the lack of directionality on the base continued to prove a bit of a problem. Something we’ve encountered with a few other toys as well. Like is oval that hard a shape? Really?

After a thorough cleaning, which is pretty easy and safe with silicone, we changed it up and I played with it inside SexFairy. That, plus some nice circular clit rubbing and she was cumming in no time.

Thanks again to sexy Babeland for this fun toy.
As always, another fun review.

May 252012

Which would you want more?

  • cock ring
  • girth enhancer
  • clit vibrator
  • ball ring
  • a beaver with a metal bar in it’s mouth?

Well with the Phil Varone Pierced Rocker, you get them all in one. Somehow this Phil Varone guy went from being a drummer for bands I’ve never heard of, to actor, to comedian, to reality tv, to porn actor, and now has put his name onto a line of sex toys, all with a photo of, can you guess….Phil Varone. It’s an almost odd assortment of toys, including rings, pumps, and nipple clamps. Just take a look, you’ll see what I mean.

Phil Varone Pierced RockerOur friends over at CalExotics thought we might enjoy trying out the Pierced Rocker. At first look, it took us a moment to figure out what we had. This is made of very stretchy material called TPR (Enhancer) ABS  for the man to wear. The penis goes into to the big red nubby part that both provides some squeezing to the base of your cock as well as adds some girth, and nubs of course. The ring on the bottom, which looks pretty small, actually can stretch around the balls, pulling them up high (not a bad feeling btw). The other side of the ring has some little animal (beaver) holding a small metal bar in it’s mouth. Inside of that there  is a waterproof bullet vibrator.

Phil Varone fuckingIt felt pretty good on me and I enjoyed pushing the vibrator part up against SexFairy’s clit while we fucked. SexFairy said the vibrator part felt good, though she didn’t notice the girth too much (during sex). Still it was pretty cool to have on and made me feel like I too could have sex with a few thousand women (if you read up on Phil Varone’s background this makes better sense).

Afterward, SexFairy said she felt a little sore and we realized it was the part around my cock that was rubbing against her a bit wrong. Still, she did cum a few times, so, TaDa!

Thanks again CalExotics. Another fun toy that we’ll be sure to pull out from time to time.

On a side note to Mr. Varone…we did watch your Strange Sex episode and you seem like a pretty cool guy. Best of luck.

May 172012

Tenga Swirl from BabelandFunny title, isn’t it. Made ya look!

Sexy Babeland was kind enough to let me try the new Tenga Sleeve 3D.  That or they thought my hand was maybe getting tired. Either way, I wasn’t complaining. I got the Spiral style but there is also a “Polygon” style which is more bumpy angled looking.

This is basically a stretchable tube, 4.5” long, made out of what Tenga calls “Ag Antibacterial Elastomer”, or as I like to say in English, “soft pussy”. It comes in this nice plastic see through case, kind of like a museum piece. Just more a touch and feel museum. When I took it off its spindle there was this hard plastic circle inside, which turns out to be for shipping and you should definitely remove it prior to use.

Underneath, you peel off the label and there is a nice little package of “Hole Lotion Real” and an instruction manual, both in Japanese and English, as is your preference. I actually read some of Tenga Swirl - 4.5the instructions, but it’s fairly self explanatory once you get that you are supposed to turn it inside out, so the ridges are inside where they can do some good. The  lotion is supposedly good for one use, though I got two out of it. After that I’ve been using regular water based lube.

You turn it inside out, squirt some lube inside of it, insert and go. It will stretch out to about 11” long and 4” wide, so it should fit all but the biggest liars among you all. This is my fouth Tenga product. I also have the Tenga Flip, the Tenga Eggs, and the Tenga Rolling Head Cup. The Sleeve is more like the Egg in how it feels though the sleeve is far more encompassing and to me, a little better feeling. I like how you can squeeze as much as you like, which is a bit different than the Flip, which has a hard plastic shell with squeeze areas in the middle.

I’ve used it about 6 times now, and each time has been really nice. This is a very soft realistic feeling masturbator that I hope to get a lot of use out of. Tenga claims it’s good for Tenga Swirl next to a mold of my penisabout 50 uses, so give me another week or two and I’ll update you all on how many I get to. So far I am seeing no wear, but it is conceivable I’ll poke through the top eventually.

On an interesting? side note, Tenga won a RedDot Award for Product Design for this. I don’t really know what that means in practice, but for something I stick my cock into and stroke, it sounds pretty cool.

Thanks again to Babeland for letting me play with this, all for the benefit of science, or something.

Apr 192012

Of all the penis-shaped toys we have, this one is the most special. Our friends over at Erotic Toy Town thought we might enjoy making a clone of my cock. And did we ever. So a couple weeks ago we received the Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Kit. This is a tube that contains everything you need to first make a mold of your penis, and then fill that mold to make a clone of your penis.

We were admittedly a bit concerned about getting it right and had some fear that even a slight mistake my result in a failed effort. So, we read the instructions, over and over. We searched the internet for other people’s attempts and suggestions. We talked about the steps and how we would do them, kind of practicing in our heads.

On the day of, we laid it all out, and got all set. A bit of stroking and my cock was nice and hard. SexFairy sucked on my cock while I mixed the mold material and poured it into the tube. There was a minor mental challenge doing something rather clinical and scientific feeling while at the same time being all turned on and hard. But if you’ve ever had SexFairy suck on your cock (and a few of you have) then you’ll know it’s pretty fucking hot.

In the end we decided not to use the included vibrator. While an interesting add on, we felt that one, SexFairy doesn’t need the vibration to enjoy it, two, we have plenty of other vibrating toys, and three, without the vibrator, the cock will stand upright on its own.

Click on the first image in the slide show for a walk through, with more text descriptions, of our experience with Clone-A-Willy.



  • read all the instructions carefully and get everything ready before you start
  • have her suck your cock while you mix the mold and pour it into the tube
  • move quickly, not stopping – mix – pour – insert dick
  • trust it’s working, and let it solidify around your cock
  • remove cock from mold slowly, you may want to wait ’til you soften up a bit
  • wait two hours before pouring in the Willy liquid
  • be patient before you remove the Willy– 24 hours it says
  • enjoy the fuck out of knowing your cock is preserved for eternity

Oh, and be sure to get yours from Erotic Toy Town. One of our favorite sex toy shops.

Mar 242012

Tantric Binding Love™ Collar and Cuffs packagingThe California Exotics Collar and Cuffs from the Tantric Binding Love collection is an adorable three piece bondage set. I know “bondage set” and “adorable” don’t exactly sound like a match made in a sex toy store, but trust me, I know cute when I see it!

The set consists of two elastic cuffs with sewn on D-rings and clips, and an elastic collar with a vertical  extension designed to be worn in the back of the collar from neck to waist. The collar is 1.5” wide and 17” in length, but using the Velcro, this could extend to fit a much larger neck.

The 21” long extension is 2” wide and conveniently provides two D-rings for attaching the wrist cuff clips.  A loop sewn in to the top end of this strap allows for sliding it on and off of the collar. That flexibility means that all of these pieces can be used with other bondage pieces, together or separately. This where the CUTE comes in: Both cuffs and the back strap are adorned with red satin bows, and the D-rings are shaped like hearts!Tantric Binding Love Collar and Cuffs

The heavy elastic wrist cuffs are 61/2” in circumference, and this could definitely be a tight fit for some. They easily slip on my wrists, which are rather small, but they are definitely snug. These are stretch-to-fit and there is no way to adjust the size, as they are stitched together. The inside seam can be a little rough, but is easily remedied with an emery board. Just file off any rough edges.

The back strap can be worn in the front, but this allows for a wide range of movement, unlike when hands are clipped to the strap in the back. This is best used for light bondage, because any way you wear it, it’s easily escapable. Even with my hands clipped behind me to the long strap at my waist, I was able to reach up and unhook the collar.

This is a darling ‘beginner bondage’ set with tight cuffs, and an adjustable collar. The bows and California Exoticsbackstrap add to the visual allure of seeing your lover tied up. Even though the bows are very feminine, don’t think of this as just for girls only. I can imagine that there are plenty of dommes who would love to see their boys in this, too!

Thanks to California Exotics, who provided us this toy at no cost  in exchange for an honest review.

Apr 262011

From our Tumblr site at, it’s Top Tumblr Tuesday #7.

After our MFF party the other weekend, written about HERE, I’ve been thinking more and more about putting SexFairy to use. And by “use” I mean for her to be a fuck toy for whomever wants to use her, however they want to. She’s mine to keep, or share. The thought of seeing her in the middle of a room, naked, and ready for the next in line, is very hot.

Any takers?Fuck Party tumblr

Click the photo to see it larger on our Tumblr site.

Mar 082011

This is about prostate massage. Specifically having my prostate massaged by SexFairy and how it is the most incredible feeling fucking ever.
[If you want to learn more, techniques, ect., just look it up. There are 1.6M references on google.]

I have always enjoyed a little playing around on my backdoor. That and I’ve seen a few porn videos demonstrating prostate massage. I shared some with SexFairy and, being the fairy she is, agreed that this was something we should try.

We tried once, it was okay, I guess. Kind of forgot about it.

A few months later, she’s in the mood to try again, and I of course am never in the mood to say no. Fortunately we had recently received a nice addition to our toy collection. If you are into anal play, but not into getting shit all over your hand, dick, face etc., then this is nice to have.

imageClick on the picture for more info.

This time, I’m on my back and SexFairy is between my knees, and has me all oiled up. She takes her time, enjoying some nice deep throating on my cock while stroking my ass. Her finger goes in, slowly at first. Then deeper, and deeper. She feels around. And then OH MY FUCKING GOD she’s pushing against my prostate.

I think I must be cumming. I would swear I had just put a quart of cum all over myself. I feel down. Nothing.

She does this for about 20 minutes, and the whole time I feel like I’m cumming. Not like in waves but constantly, just cumming and cumming.

Not us, but the right idea.

When I finally do cum, it’s even better as she’s still on my prostate.

I felt like I had discovered a new kind of sex. It wasn’t like any sexual feeling I had ever had before and certainly not for that duration. Imagine (guys) you are cumming and can feel the cum riding up your cock. That’s what it felt like, the whole damn time.

We are continuing to get better at this. Trying different positions and the like. I’ll post an update in the future on what really works and what, not so much. Till then. OMFG Smile