Mar 122011

One of the many (many, MANY, MANY) things that I love about Whitman is that he is dominant in such a sexy way.  It’s instinctive.
In real life he is completely charming and gentlemanly. He is forceful without being overbearing.
In our sex life, he is also completely charming and gentlemanly, and totally forceful without being overbearing.
However…he ALSO knows how to handle me, to speak to me, to look at me.
I’m helpless.

I’m a grownup, sexy (sometimes even HOT), independent woman.
Yet  I give myself completely to this man.
I want to fulfill his every desire.
I become his toy, his tool, his fairy making wishes come true.
I am his.

Here is what is so very hot to me: He doesn’t feel the need to boast about this power, or tell how he can force (“encourage” in his own special way) me to do naughty and humiliating things.
He certainly CAN share stories at any time, and I’m sure he WILL eventually.
But it’s not a NEED.

He can control me completely at any time, with just a look a word, or a motion.
He knows. I know.