Jan 302012

The last couple weeks, we’ve had some interesting encounters, both promising and not so promising which generated  four lines that seemed to somehow sum up the events.

“I’m not going to apologize for fucking her too hard”

“I’m not going to apologize for having a big dick”

“You can finger my beer, if you want to”

“It’s stuck in the play position”

The first two, about not apologizing relate to the same event, which SexFairy wrote about just recently in her post “Who’s Your Daddy?”. I loved the sex. Fucking this young blonde while Girl fucked hardSexFairy brought us cocktails, admired from the side of the bed, and even helped put my cock BACK inside the girl’s very wet pussy, was all in all amazing. The girl said afterward that she was in some pain from my fucking her so hard. My first thought, said out loud to SexFairy was “I’m not going to apologize for fucking her too hard.” Later on as we talked about it more, I rephrased to “I’m not going to apologize for having a big dick.” Really, who should apologize for that?!

Naked redhead with beerThe next lines came more recently. We met this fantastic couple (we first met them a few months ago, just for drinks) again this weekend. Our first round of drinks came and the woman’s beer had a little fly floating in it, which she removed. Then we noticed a second little fly and I felt compelled to get it out for her. I hesitated remembering it wasn’t my beer that I was about to put my finger into, when she said  “You can finger my beer, if you want to.” I passed, on the beer at least.

We four soon found ourselves in the back corner of a dimly lit bar, being well served more rounds of drinks (sans flies). In no time, I had my hand rubbing her crotch as he rubbed SexFairy’s crotch. The girls each exposed their pretty labias. And we played a round of everyone hold everyone else’s breasts. Somewhere along the way one of us said  “It’s stuck in the play position,” which we all thought was really funny, though neither SexFairy nor I can recall why! The line certainly was a nice overview of the four of us talking sex and flirting and playing (albeit in public), as well as our times to come.

We hope to see this couple again, very very soon. And next time, in a significantly more private atmosphere, with fewer clothes.

Apr 122011

From our Tumblr site at http://thenaughtyspot.tumblr.com/ it’s Top Tumblr Tuesday #5.

We have had a very interesting past few days. That combined with a huge amount of sexy tumblrs to choose from has made this weeks choice quite a challenge. In the end I narrowed the list down to a baker’s dozen and SexFairy selected seven, and I got down to two. So it’s a double TTT today.
Top Tumblr Tuesday #5aTop Tumblr Tuesday #5b
The first one is more Whitman’s. It makes me think of the punishments SexFairy is still slated to receive. I so can’t wait. The second one is from the tumblr of the female half of some new friends of ours.

Click each photo to see it larger on our Tumblr site..

Finally, I thought it would be appropriate to share the “runner ups”, in no particular order.


Of course, what tumblr site is complete without a pussy. Yes, I mean the really cute kitten kind. http://thenaughtyspot.tumblr.com/post/4476095630

Apr 022011

I confess.

I flirted with a teenager. And the teen flirted with me. She was “close” to eighteen (okay, slightly Not her, but similarless). She was sexy, with eyes that pulled me in. She kept looking at me, flashing her smile. I kept looking at her. I felt awesome. I felt young and sexy and attractive. My camera clicked a hundred shots that night, most of this her. In one photo she was pulling up her shirt to flash me. She left with her friends, and then came back in alone and pulled her shirt back up exposing her flat stomach, just for me. I reveled in the attention, and so did she.

All this was in front of SexFairy. I flirted like a drunk middle aged idiot (so I’ve been told).  And I liked it. SexFairy didn’t like it at all.     Not…At….All.     But I had had quite a few drinks by then, and hardly noticed. Certainly not enough to care.

Now, to be clear. I didn’t touch the girl. I never saw anything I shouldn’t have. I never did anything, offered anything, suggested anything, made any inappropriate motion of any kind. But it was obvious where my head was at. And the girl didn’t seem to mind either.

Not her, but similarOkay. SO WHAT? So WHAT is SexFairy was very, shall we say, unimpressed. Admittedly, not without some justification. We got into a mini fight later that night and I passed out alone on a porch facing the ocean, only to return many hours later.

Here, on this blog, SexFairy writes “If you want it, I want to do it.” Now of course there are things one should definitely NOT do. But again, I didn’t do anything. What I wanted from SexFairy was to play along with me. To support my flirty-ness, at least after the fact. To ride my pervy wave with me. To tease me about it later.

If you want to be my SexFairy, then be my SexFairy. Give me what I want. When I want. Tease me. Pretend with me. Suggest the sexy, the erotic, the edge. Love what I suggest.

Ride my pervy wave. I’ll do the same with you.

AFTERWARD: This is a post about a real incident that occurred a few weeks ago. I have been wanting to write since it happened but have found it very difficult to express. Even now that it’s written I am not confident I have accurately expressed my feelings. I fear it makes me look like a potential sexual predator (which I am definitely NOT). I want everything with SexFairy, even if sometimes it’s just a mental fantasy to share only with her. And I want her to want the same with me.