Nov 112011
Gag Reflex

As much as I hate to admit it, it happens sometimes: I gag on Whitman’s cock. Even if I try not to, it’s definitely rather large, and he’s into thrusting, and he’s very powerful, and, well…you know… I think he likes it when I gag, and I like what he likes, I’m just terrified I’ll [...]

Nov 102011
Naughty Attention, part one..."New Toys"

She stood there in front of me wearing stockings and heels, and nothing else. I told her to turn around. Around her waist I put the black cincher corset. The straps I pulled very tightly, leaving her only shallow breaths as her lungs compressed against the squeezing force of the leather. “On the floor slut” [...]

Nov 102011
Coming Home

You arrive late in the night from a long, long journey. We hug, then kiss, then collapse on the bed, you on top of me, my arms and legs wrapped around you. I can’t hold you tightly enough. I want to eat you up. Your weight, your smell, your skin feels so familiar, so hot, [...]

Nov 012011

Whitman and I got dressed up for Halloween. I wish I could post a photo, but alas, then we wouldn’t be anonymous sex bloggers anymore, would we?? DAMN, WE LOOKED SEXY!!! I’ll leave it at this: We were coordinated. I was an assistant wearing a short hot skirt. He was in charge. (Did I mention [...]

Oct 212011

I’m hungry for you. Your mouth, your hands. Your breath, your soul. Your mind, your mouth, your cock. I want you around me, in me, on me, over me, under me. NEAR ME. It’s been too very long.

Oct 192011
All Weekend Long (and Hard)

Whitman and I aren’t known for waking-up-in-the-night sex. We ARE known for having sex, (lots of it), and fairly crazy sex (most of the time), and drinking a little (as previously mentioned). As much as we like all of those things, we sort of like to sleep at appropriate times, too. Not last weekend. OH [...]

Oct 182011
Soaking Wet

Whitman doesn’t often cover me in cum. He did last night. After some fairly gentle ‘corrections’ of my behavior, I was trying so hard to swallow Whitman’s cock, but I couldn’t take it all. It was exceptionally long, and ROCK HARD. As a matter of fact, the inside of my lip is pinched in two [...]

Oct 172011
Sex Toy Shopping List

I was talking with Whitman the other day, and (not) shockingly, the conversation turned to sex. It turned to dirty, naughty, what-he-wants-to-do-next sex. He wants to get back to basics. Basic BDSM, that is. I want what he wants. Of course. “It seems we need some new items,” he said. I agreed. I already know [...]

Oct 162011

My Dearest Whitman, You know I’m very so very submissive, and you know I’m always trying to make sure that you’re getting maximum pleasure.  I’m always willing, always game, always ready to play, ready to give or get. Whatever you want, I want. BUT… I always care. About myself. On some level. Somehow, there’s always [...]

Oct 152011
The Rippler. Don’t Miss It.

WOW. This is one amazing dildo. It’s an amazing size, an amazing design, and oooooh, an amazing pretty grape-popsicle-purple color!  Good Vibrations sent this to me in exchange for an honest review, and I can honestly say it’s awesome! If you like girth and texture, then the Rippler is the toy for you. Available in [...]