Anyone who’s ever had CUM IN HER EYE will tell you it’s the devil. It’s like soap, burning and beyond irritating.

I’d like to recommend, as an alternative: PRE-CUM. what a waste

Earlier today, I was in the “throat swab” position, but without the cock in my throat…the cock was just hovering over my face as I waited for Whitman to give it to me. As I waited, I felt a splash in my eye…PRE-CUM!!  I do love pre-cum, as I may have mentioned before, but mostly I love it, um… IN.MY.MOUTH.

Whitman’s cock was hard and throbbing and oozing fluid. It landed in my eye. As usual, so hot. Everything about us is so hot. In any case, the lesson to take from this incident is that pre-ejaculate DOES. NOT. BURN.

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  1. i pretty much love anything having to do with my cock and her mouth.

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