not meSo, apparently MAY is National Masturbation Month. I’m not sure who decided this, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a congressional decree (like, say…National DANCE DAY), but it’s all over the internet, so it must be real! I don’t know about the rest of you, but In my world, it’s Masturbation Month EVERY MONTH!!

Whitman has recently let me know that I’ll need his permission to pleasure myself. I’m happy to observe this rule. BUT, hopefully observance of this IMPORTANT NATIONAL commemorative month will buy me some (play)time and keep me out of the Naughty Points.

I’m going to let Whitman know about National Masturbation Month, which of course shall now be known as the month of “May I?”

3 Responses to “Masturbation (May I?)”

  1. Now that’s a celebration I can wrap my mind (and hands) around …

  2. Oh really…..well thank God for that, as chances of me getting anything else in May are non existant. I have to ask for permission though, wonder if Masturbation Month could be helpful in getting a yes answer though…..


    • I have to think that “it’s for a good cause” is worth SOMETHING in the permission department!

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