I had to think about this one.

Recently my laptop disappeared, along with a LOT of nude, tied, spanked, clipped, and fucked photos of SexFairy. Plus a few of my naked ass. While we spent only 24 or so hours considering the consequences of our very personal sex life being made very public, that was a very tense and disturbing day. Even prolific quantities of alcohol could not sufficiently abate the fear.

naked fear scared womanThe post about that day is here:
Fucking with my fucking life, or so I thought.

After considering the mental hell we both endured, as well as my carelessness in both losing the laptop and leaving all that home made porn on it, I have decided that the event was a punishment sufficient enough to warrant the deduction of another NaughtyPoint.

Now a true punishment is typically intentionally delivered, in this case by me to her. But given the emotional turmoil she experienced til the magical reappearance of the bag, I felt that SexFairy deserved this one.

5 Responses to “Allowing FEAR to remove a NaughtyPoint”

  1. It takes a big man to admit to his own carelessness. Good for you — and SexFairy, too.

    • The carelessness was having that type of material unprotected on a laptop. But Miss DDD, don’t you have the same potential issue? I would imagine MOST of us have files we don’t want shared with the world, that we carry around with us.

      I will be posting my techie solution shortly.

  2. You got a point deducted for losing your lappy….damn it woman, i think i would have had one added. Considers a comment with regards to Whitman but is a good girl so just smiles sweetly at him……


    • Whitman lost the laptop. Not SexFairy
      But the laptop had LOTS of SexFairy photos. She described the thought of the potential dissemination of those photos into the great wide world as “torturous”.
      It was a bad 24 hours. Hence, the punishment has been applied, albeit inadvertently.

      And good girl Molly for just smiling. Though I’d give you a point for even hinting otherwise.

    • Oh, Dear Molly! I live in SUCH A SMALL TOWN that I was mortified by the thought of even the police finding it…
      Good news travels fast, and scandalous hot photos of a local travel faster!!

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