This is about prostate massage. Specifically having my prostate massaged by SexFairy and how it is the most incredible feeling fucking ever.
[If you want to learn more, techniques, ect., just look it up. There are 1.6M references on google.]

I have always enjoyed a little playing around on my backdoor. That and I’ve seen a few porn videos demonstrating prostate massage. I shared some with SexFairy and, being the fairy she is, agreed that this was something we should try.

We tried once, it was okay, I guess. Kind of forgot about it.

A few months later, she’s in the mood to try again, and I of course am never in the mood to say no. Fortunately we had recently received a nice addition to our toy collection. If you are into anal play, but not into getting shit all over your hand, dick, face etc., then this is nice to have.

imageClick on the picture for more info.

This time, I’m on my back and SexFairy is between my knees, and has me all oiled up. She takes her time, enjoying some nice deep throating on my cock while stroking my ass. Her finger goes in, slowly at first. Then deeper, and deeper. She feels around. And then OH MY FUCKING GOD she’s pushing against my prostate.

I think I must be cumming. I would swear I had just put a quart of cum all over myself. I feel down. Nothing.

She does this for about 20 minutes, and the whole time I feel like I’m cumming. Not like in waves but constantly, just cumming and cumming.

Not us, but the right idea.

When I finally do cum, it’s even better as she’s still on my prostate.

I felt like I had discovered a new kind of sex. It wasn’t like any sexual feeling I had ever had before and certainly not for that duration. Imagine (guys) you are cumming and can feel the cum riding up your cock. That’s what it felt like, the whole damn time.

We are continuing to get better at this. Trying different positions and the like. I’ll post an update in the future on what really works and what, not so much. Till then. OMFG Smile

3 Responses to “OMFG–prostate massage!”

  1. You need to try some P-spot toys they would really hit the spot and some vibrate too!

    • We do have some, but playing the long slow buildup game here…XXX
      any in particular you’d recommend?

  2. You should check out Alex’s reviews here I’m sure you will find something to tickle your fancy. ;)

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