I have an issue. It’s an inability to TALK during sex. It’s an inability to communicate, really. I think lots of things, and it turns out that sometimes I THINK I’ve SAID the things out loud, but not really. It’s a very strange short-circuit between my sexy bits and my brain.  The short list of things I think / think I’ve said when fucking or being fucked by Whitman goes something like this (in no particular order):

OHYES your mouth feels so good on my cunt!
OHMYGODYES Fuck. Me Harder!
I love your big hard cock, ohmygod it’s so perfect!
NEVER stop fucking me! I want you to FUCK ME ALL NIGHT LONG!
Oh, no! Not the <toy / instrument of pleasure / instrument of pain>!
Oh, YESSS!! The  <toy / instrument of pleasure / instrument of pain>!
Fuck my ass! Yes, yes, yes, I want you to fuck my ass!
I want you in my ass,  balls deep!

Breakthrough!  The other day, naked with my ass propped in the air (which was being inspected and smacked and FINALLY fucked  balls-deep by Whitman), I was THINKING those last four on the list. As he pounded my ass, It was VERY IMPORTANT to me that I convey to him “Please don’t stop.” The most I was able to formulate was the ‘YES! YES! FUCK YESSS!’

It did the trick. He didn’t stop. He was shocked, however, by my use of ACTUAL WORDS. He claims it’s the first. time. ever.

When he mentioned it, I told Whitman him that no, I’m pretty sure I’ve SAID THINGS out loud before, like “Fuck.” “OHMYGODFUCK.” or “Ohyes!” He insists no, that I mostly just ‘speak’ in variations of heavy breathing (I think this includes different ‘sex sounds’ like moaning and whimpering as well). I’m pretty sure this was a one-time event, BUT I’m PERFECTLY WILLING to try again to find out.  ;)

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  1. Seems like the only way to sort this out is for some recordings to be made…….*grins


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