Facebook has changed the face of my work day. Even though I work in a small office, it’s like I work in a huge office with ALL OF MY FRIENDS. (and some random people) ALL DAY LONG. Everyone is there, posting little thoughts, snarky comments, political insight both brilliant and inane.
Someone will post a music video of an 80’s pop hit with the caption, “I’m jamming! Jam with me!” or “OMG I forgot how much I love this song!” They want everyone else to like it, too.

I post links to articles I find fascinating and/or interesting knowing DAMN WELL nobody will think so but me. Just like real life!! Try this one:

So why do we do this? There’s some need to connect with people, with friends old and new, to SHARE something that we enjoy, sounds good, is yummy, or makes us think. At least that’s what I THINK is going on here.

Then I realized that’s also pretty much why we’re all writing about our sex lives, whether they’re crazy or mundane. We want to share! We might not want to share our significant other in REAL LIFE, but we can share all the details of how hot and sexy he or she is for sure. It’s our sex! It’s kinky, it’s glorious, it’s fun, it’s crazy, we CAN’T tell our ‘real’ Facebook friends all the fun stuff we’re doing, so what the hell? Why not tell the rest of the world?! It’s so lovely to know that there are others out there having just as much fun as we are, and we can join them and they can join us, and it’s like we’re all working together all day long. In one big sexbloggy office. Fuck yes!

3 Responses to “Facebook and Sex Blogs. Just Like Heaven!”

  1. Ohhh sexbloggy office….. I like it, can I get a job there please, what is the interview process (has a feeling this part of the comment will get Whitman’s attention) *looks innocent…..So?


  2. I selected you for my XXX Pick, you’re becoming quite a regular now. ;|)

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