Don’t get me wrong. I love, LOVE, LOVE Really.

This post about “anonymous sex bloggers / liars” just ticks me off, though. It’s unfortunate that it’s over a year old, because I’d really like to get a comment conversation going over there. (Or here, that’s fine, too!) It seems to me that the author, Brian Fairbanks, didn’t really have much to say, so he excerpted one blog that was quoted on The Frisky. That’s it?? That’s all he’s got?? Out of ONEHUNDREDFORTYONEMILLION??


The point of the post, (in case you don’t want to read it) is that sex bloggers must be lying about their hot sex. Why? Because we’re anonymous? Because our sex is hot and his ISN’T? All 141,000,000 of us can’t be lying!!

Leave it to the commenters, though, to add a little OOMPH! One says, ”I know for a fact these are fake diaries.” WTF? I’d like to know just HOW s/he knows FOR A FACT. Is this commenter really the AUTHOR of the excerpts?
At the END of his article, Fairbanks admits that the story is “probably true” and that “we’re just jealous.” Jealous? We, who? Speak for yourself, buddy.

I’m not jealous, I’m BRAGGING!! I’m sure there are some fakes out there (“Ashley and Me” comes immediately to mind), but all of the sex bloggers I’ve ‘met’ are 100% real.  WE are 100% real. I think I can speak for Whitman when I say that we’re writing BECAUSE our sex is so amazing, it’s not amazing because we made it up!! 
I started thinking about creating a sex blog after reading a few regularly. I thought, “Well, what the hell? MY sex life is AT LEAST this hot! Put me in coach!!” The rest is history.

11 Responses to “All Sex Bloggers Are Liars. Really??!!”

  1. Hey I am in total dis belief! I barely have time to do all this sh**, much less to sit around and make it up!!! Besides, some of this crap on my blog I couldn’t even have come up with on my own….
    Yup! I am bragging, my sex life is that hot! Thanks for the post.
    Fun to have found your blog!

    • No KIDDING, Karen! There’s not enough time in the day to tell all the hot tales!
      Think of all the things we DON’T write about! ;)

  2. Truth be told, some of what I write really happened. Some of what I write I really fantasized. Either way, it’s all VERY real to me. No lie.

  3. I guess that’s how some people get their kicks…by bashing bloggers. Obviously, a lot more people embrace the existence of sex blogs. Otherwise, we will all be out of business.
    Nice to read your blog. Keep it up!
    Dyna :)

  4. I agree with the comment about time. I only just manage to keep up with my blog as it is, christ knows how I would manage it if I had to spend the time making it all up.

    I commented on that article too at I wish we could see more good reporting of this subject and D/s relationships too. Not this ill informed clap trap.


  5. I have to agree with Karen and Molly on time. I mean, I barely have enough time in the day to get everything done, including my writing! I just write what comes out of my head, not my imagination. Staying up till 3am to write reviews, I don’t have to brainpower to make anything up.

    And my entries about my sex adventures with hubby are basically for my records. I like to look back on them and see what we’ve done in the past. So, of course I’m going to try to write them as accurately as I can. I don’t want my past to be fake.

    I can’t believe this guy has the nerve to label all sex bloggers as fakers. That’s a fallacy! Just because a few sex bloggers he’s seen look fake, that doesn’t mean all sex bloggers are fake.

    • I LOVE the concept of writing for my own records…it’s how I started blogging to start with. I LOVE to look back on our adventures.
      Keep up the good work!

  6. Hey,

    I’ve recently stumbled across your blog and I totally agree that this article is ridiculous. I don’t have any spare time to even contemplate having a fake blog let alone following through. On one hand I think it’s a bit sad for the people who actually feel the need to have a fake blog but at the same time if people gain enjoyment from it and it’s not hurting anyone then that’s there prerogative.

    Looking forward to reading more.

    • Hi Mrs. Fun,
      Thanks for stopping by! Sorry for the delayed response — we’ve been out having a little fun of our own!
      We enjoy your real blog…
      Write on!!

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